Monday, August 15, 2011


850 #2 Barbie Ponytail

Same as doll #1 but no holes in feet or cylinders in legs, new disc pedestal stand with black wire that fits under the dolls arms, same black and white stripe swimsuit, sunglasses, black open toe heeled shoes, some came with new pearl earrings,  box has new ® in the trademark.
Mark: Barbie ™ Pats. Pend. © MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc

Vintage Barbie #1 Ponytail Doll 1959


Name: Barbara Millicent Roberts
Resides: lives in Willow, Wisconsin USA
DOB:  March 09, 1959 to parents George and Margaret Roberts
Sibblings: Skipper , Tutti , Todd
Significant other (Boyfriend) : Ken Carson
Best Friend: Midge Hadley

Stock # 850 Barbie Ponytail 1959
Aprox.. 350,000 dolls were first produced,  made of heavy vinyl plastic, partially solid body has now probably faded to quite white ..
 blonde or brunette saran ponytail hair (Blonde's out number Brunettes 3:1), curled bangs, metal cylinders in legs, symmetrical holes in feet bottoms that fit on to a black pedestal stand, right foot marked: JAPAN, white irises, side glancing eyes, pointy ^ ^ eyebrows (lightening bolts) some of the early dolls have hand painted faces, others were stenciled,  red painted closed mouth, one piece black and white zebra striped swimsuit, black open toe heeled shoes with holes on the bottom for stand, white sunglasses with blue lenses, gold tone hoop earrings, box has in the marking and pink booklet with only Barbie on the cover.

#1 Barbie feet with hollow tubes, right foot marked: JAPAN

Mark: Barbie ™ Pats. Pend. © MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc.  
Black and white swimsuit , gold hoop earrings , white sun glasses/blue lenses , #1 black open toe heels with holes on bottom to fit on the pedestal , black pedestal stand with prongs